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2018 Australian Spring Beauty Trends

1) The wing

The wing is a statement piece. It helps accentuate your eye while also saying i am here to do me and no one can tell me different. You can use the wing as a major glam statement or tone it down for a more subtle everyday look.

2) Lashes are everything

Spring is the time where the weather gets warmer and everyone comes out of hibernation. The natural beauty of real lashes is what we are living for this spring. For an everyday, natural look, make your lashes the centre of attention by wearing minimal eyeshadow and a nude lip.

3) Bright colours

In Spring, flowers bloom and show off their amazing colour. Bring those spring vibes to your makeup by using bright coloured eyeshadow or a bright coloured lippy.

4) Glow

Show off your healthy glow with glowy skin and makeup. Everyone can show off their glow with a more minimal look. Wear sheerer makeup to accentuate everything that is natural about you.

Share with us your thoughts on what you think is coming into trend this spring. Comment below to share your opinion we would love to see what you are vibing this September.

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