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6 tips to making your face makeup last all day

1) Start with a clean canvas

Starting with a clean moisturised face, can dramatically help your makeup last longer. Oil and water don't mix, so why would the oil on your face and the makeup you applying mix? If you start with a dirty face, the oil build up will melt your makeup off quicker than you can imagine. Make sure your face is clean and hydrated before you start

2) Use a primer to perfect your makeup

Using a primer has become a universal rule and is a must in any makeup collection. Priming your skin fills in pores, blurs imperfection and helps your makeup adhere to your skin thus making it last longer.

3) Apply the right products

Applying the right products can help create a flawless look that will wear all day. Look for oil free foundations and make sure you apply a thin layer and build up coverage as you go on. Once you apply too much, it is too hard to go back. This goes for eyeshadow, blush, contour and lipstick as well.

4) Give your makeup that extra bit of protection.

Setting your face with powder and then setting spray can be your final coverage to making you makeup lock in and stay put. Using a translucent power will help keep you face looking flawless and stop everything from moving as it absorbs the excess oil build up. Setting your face is the final step to really lock in the products .The setting spray provides a film over your makeup to keep it in place all day.

5) Pack the emergency products.

Blotting paper and setting powders are a must to keep in your purse, especially if you are out all day. These products need to be on hand in case you need touch ups through out the day.

6) Stop right there

Stop yourself from touching your face. Touching your face will just transfer excess oils and bacteria to your face causing it to budge. But even worse that bacteria can and will cause future breakout, yuck!

7) product recommendations

DB Cosmetics Setting Spray

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Clean and Clear Blotting Sheets

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