Stilazzi – Go Explore Makeup Box


Focallure Beauty is an affordable, cruelty-free makeup  and skin care brand  that provides high-quality products to the makeup community. Finding high-quality but affordable makeup can be a challenge, that is why Focallure was created. 

They acquire most of their inspiration from the French.

"Many of the makeup and skincare trends for France are changing the way we look at the products we use every day."

Along side producing amazing product, Focallure has excellent customer service and doesn't test on animals making them cruelty free.  

This month you will receive 4 of Focallure Beauty's best sellers:

1 x 9 Eyeshadow Palette (All Shades Available)

1 x Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow (All Shades Available)

1 x Beam Eyeliner (All Shades Available)

1 x Bomb Lashes Mascara (All Shades Available)

As this month is Halloween, It is time to show your inner creep and get scary glam with the Go Explore Makeup Box !